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Getting started
  • Importing your data

    MRRly supports three data sources: importing historical data from Excel and CSV files and current data from your payments via API.

  • Deep Customer Segmentation

    MRRly allows you to select among your data only those that relate to customers with certain metrics values. You can use both predefined and custom segments.

  • Planning your Revenue

    To assess the effectiveness of your decisions, you can plan your cash flow from customers and check against your current performance.

  • API

    Using the API you can connect any of your data sources and MRRly prepare them for analysis.

Knowledge Base
  • MRR & ARR

    The Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) chart reports your normalized (amortized) monthly subscription revenue.

  • LTV & APC

    The Customer Lifetime Value show's the total subscription value of a customer.

Understanding the data
  • Subscription status

    How MRRly uses the different types of customer status.

  • MRR Report

    The MRR report is the main report on how you earn on your subscriptions. MRRly shows not only the MRR but also the MRR movement.

  • Retention Report

    Cohort report allows you to see the dynamics of changes in your key indicators: revenue, number of customers and users/licenses.

  • Unit economics

    MRRly automatically calculates the basic unit economics metrics for all your payments and breaks them down into time cohorts.

$70 per month (billed annually). No MRR limits.
MRRly v.2.0
New Features
  • Multi-currency recognition

    The support for the automatic conversion of 170 currencies to the master currency on the day of the payment was added.

  • No improvements this reliase.

Bug fixes
  • Minor Bug fixesed

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