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Insert data to import data. For using API just call URL and send using GET or POST method next varibles:

  • invoice_createdInvoice creation date, date format: YYYY-mm-dd.
  • invoice_idInvoice id, text field, maximum 100 characters.
  • customer_idCustomer id, text field, maximum 100 characters.
  • paid_amountA value of payment, float.
  • paid_currencyA currency of payment, using ISO 4217 standard specifies three-letter ("Alpha-3").
  • paid_userIf you use licenses or users in your plans show how many users/lisenses your customer bought else use 1 as default value.
  • paid_planPlan id, text field, maximum 45 characters.
  • period_startA date when period start, date format: YYYY-mm-dd.
  • period_endA date when period end, date format: YYYY-mm-dd.
  • custom_field_1optional field
  • custom_field_2optional field
  • custom_field_3optional field
  • custom_field_4optional field
  • custom_field_5optional field
  • login_hashMD5 of you login.
  • control_hashMD5 of concatenation of all variables and secret_key. PHP example:

API will return JSON answer.

Our API has a limit of 100 requests per second for each IP.


  • secret_key: ********
  • invoice_created: 2024-07-23
  • invoice_id: 1234-566
  • customer_id: mrr1
  • paid_amount: 100
  • paid_currency: EUR
  • paid_user: 1
  • paid_plan: annualy
  • period_start: 2024-07-23
  • period_end: 2025-07-22
  • login_hash: 11b614075f0b726b4b25bd25e9687a39
  • control_hash: 423e3450ac434b6a8e996ffba79e8eaa
  • Answer:
    	"message":"request succeded",
    	"request": {
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